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Northern Blue

COLORART - NAVY - 6″ × 48″ / 15cm × 120cm

COLORART - NAVY - 6″ × 48″ / 15cm × 120cm

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11.26 sq.ft / box

This collection of "ceramic wood" remarkably reproduces old wood that has been burnt or painted several times and chipped by the passage of time. From light to coal, from water to earth, it transports residential or commercial spaces into a world worthy of a Hollywood western.

Look & Feel: Wood
Usage: Floor, Wall, Commercial, Residential
Shapes: Rectangle
Glazed, Includes recycled content (LEED)


Box Coverage
Total Required

**Price is based on number of boxes. It is advisable to buy an additional 10% of flooring to account for wastage.

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Matte #CO7NAN CA$15.34 sq. ft. 6″ × 48″ / 15cm × 120cm Thickness : 10 mm Suggested grout : 927 Light Pewter Nuance : V4 Substantial variation R rating : R10 PEI : 5 Frost resistant Rectified Includes recycled content (LEED)

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